Poetry 7~12


That was seven years ago.

Early in the morning,

Getting the bus.

I was sitting in the back of the bus.

There was a girl sitting next to me.

I was a little nervous.

We arrived at the beach and did a seine netting.

At the hotel, we ate the fish we caught.

They were changed sashimi and tempura.  

It was very tasty

And so fresh!!.

  • Hawaii1

Three years ago

I went to Hawaii with my family

As soon as I arrived Hawaii

I went Waikiki beach.

I can‘t forget

It was very BEAUTIFUL.

The sky is blue.

The sea is transparent.

Many beautiful girls and handsome men

  • Hawaii2

In the hotel

I find starbucks

Drinks looked delicious.

I have about 300$

I order “chocolate Frappuccino please”

Clerk ask me “What size?”

I ask “tall size please”

I’m surprised.

It was too big

It was the size of a single puppy.

I was baptized in America.

  • Tokyo1

Three years ago

I went Tokyo for the first time.

Anyway, I wanted to go to Shibuya.

I took the Yamanote Line from Shinagawa to Shibuya.

I went pedestrian scramble

I was excited

It was as seen on TV


Shibuya is my school roote

  • Tokyo2

I went Takeshita street.

I wanted to see clothes and Accessories

When I wander, I was approached by Well-built black male

He asked me “How about these clothes?”

I just went with him.

I didn’t know anything about…

There were a lot of clothes there.


It was obvious it was a fake.

He’s going to try to lower the price,

Even though I didn’t ask him to.

I was seriously scared.

He was standing at the exit

it didn’t look like I was going to get away.


My father was calling me.

I managed to get my father to come and leave the store.

I’m not going back again.


Four years ago.

I went to Australia for a short-term study abroad program.

Japan was summer, Austria was winter.

There are things I regret.

I couldn’t speak much English.

Of course.

I was junior high school student.

This is not problem.

What I regret is that I never tried to speak English.

I was embarrassed and proud.

If I have the chance to study abroad again

I want to speak English actively.



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