6/11 assignment

In class, we did a concept map. When I tried to apply it to my own poems, I felt that there were more surprises and firsts than moving experiences. I was also surprised to see that some people wrote their poems with rice as the main character, while all my poems were from my point of view. The concept maps that the professors had posted were mostly about experiences with friends and family, but I thought that I had many experiences by myself. Also, I thought that the professor’s concept map had a lot of fun things, while mine had a lot of negative things like sadness and pain. However, when I write poems by remembering and thinking about negative things, I feel as if my mind is refreshed, so I think it was a good experience for me.

I would like to write about something painful or difficult for my theme.

This is because I think it is easier to write a poem about something painful or difficult than about something fun or happy. When I read other people’s poems in class, I found it easier to sympathize with them when they wrote about something painful or difficult rather than something fun or happy.



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